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  1. Good luck to the potential beta testers!

    Following in the footsteps of the other 2 blog posters, I'll make an introductory blog post.

    First off, a HUGE congratulations to Wulven Game Studios for making it this far in the development of a game that looks to be very, very good and has a lot of potential to do well on the various App Stores of mobile devices and computer. (heh, shameless flattery of Wulven Game Studios, but I mean it...this game looks AWESOME!)

    I really hope to be picked for the closed beta and ...
  2. The Beta Race Is On!

    Hello to anyone looking at this blog post. If you haven't heard by now, the Shadow Era Beta is now CLOSED, which means only a certain amount of people will be picked to test it at first. More information on it can be found here:!. It's time for everyone to come out of hibernation after posting that they want to be selected for the beta and start doing something about it! Post in the threads, create your own thread, ...
  3. Introduction and the First Details of the Beta Announced!

    Hi there!

    My name is Jim, and this is my member-blog here at the Shadow Era homesite. It's here that I hope to provide some insight into the Shadow Era TCG, produced by Wulven Game Studios.

    Heh. That is, IF I am selected to participate in the Closed Beta. Consider this starting post my shameless plug to Kyle to be considered in the first wave of beta-testers.

    But note, this won't be a substitute for how I report bugs and gameplay issues. That will be ...

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