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  1. My Stratagy for helping the Shadow Era Franchise

    One important event I'll be attending this year is Georgia Zombie Fest, it will be located in Downtown Woodstock this October and while at the event I will be promoting Shadow Era, recording video and taking pics.

    I also think that the Shadow Era Franchise should produce and sell Shadow Era Themed Tarot Decks. Most (if not all) Tarot users use Physical Tarot Decks and once they study the Shadow Era Card Game product and the Franchise as a whole it will cause more Physical Card Sells

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  2. Threbin Semi-Solo 3.142

  3. Card Discussions 2: Frostmare

    Ahoya! Been far too long since i wrote my last entrie. Finally decided to write my next one! Today I'll be talking about my favorite ally, frostmare.

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    General Strategy
    Our pretty blue pony is best used as a combo ally, but general strategies include being aggresive and going for face, finishing off the last HP of an opposing ally (good for zaladar, baduruu, darkclaw, etc.), and cheaply pinging off weapon and armor ...

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  4. Hello. I liked the game..

    Hello. I liked the game. I do not know where to start :confused:
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    やたらテキストが長くなっていたり、定義された能力やキーワード能力が増えていて困りました ...
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