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  1. From Top Ten Cards Thread

    In response, here's a short list of my favorites in no particular order, as well as another question for the forum:

    Belladonna - Art & Concept: She's the Goth lady. If that's not reason enough to like her; She's wearing something that looks like pretty flimsy armor and, judging by the look on her face, that fact is not lost on her. She may be going down but, if she gets the chance, she's gonna get downright vengeful on your Hero.

    Smashinng Blow - Art: All I'm ...

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  2. Mega Rush Deck - Update:12 July 2011

    Ok guys, I've decided to start a new account and track the growth and progress of the Mega-Rush Deck. From scratch.

    Started from rating 0 and working my way up. At 206 ratings now. I will continue to play and update you guys.

    I will also continue to update my original post.

    The Deck contents again:

    1 x Zaladar

    4 x Keldor
    4 x Infernal Gargoyle
    4 x Plasma Behemoths
    3 x Chimera
    2 x Medusil
  3. My Zaladar Deck - Mega Rush

    My 230 Zaladar Deck - "Mega-rush"

    Edit: This blog post is similar to my post on the forum but editted to provide a clearer picture. The forum postings tracks the development and growth of the deck.

    Just wanted to share my deck with others. I would encourage everyone to build one and tell me your feedback/tweaks. It's a fun deck and IMO, the only way to play Zaladar competitively in 1.26.

    This deck is also written for me to discuss

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  4. Battle Mages

    Hey Guys: Battlemages

    hey i know this is a little off topic but did you know i have just started a new group (Battle mages)
    in which we post match details hold tournaments and other creative things i.e your perfect hero
    Check it out

    remember my next official post is on monday please pm your overated cards and ill mention them
  5. Notable differences between Zhanna Mist and Jericho Spellbane:

    Beginners may wonder, wether Zhanna or Jericho is the better priest. Well, both are well playable but to get the best advantages out of your hero you have to built decks matching to them.

    Jericho can remove attached effects from any target (with some restrictions) for only 2 shadow energy. That means that you can remove buffs from enemies or debuffs from your allies or hero. When you try out Jericho you will recognize how powerful this ability is! Especially hunters and warriors do ...
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