1. First Shadow Era Tournament

    Hi SE players,
    yesterday was the big day: the first official SE tournament!

    It was a very fun event, well organized by Unfan and well supported by Kyle.
    I usually don't wake up early on Saturday mornings, but this time I set my alarm clock, I did not want to miss this for any reason!
    Fiend (Friend soon) set up a chat room for us and I was delighted by the ...

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  2. First day on 1.25

    Hi all,
    I just finished my first day playing 1.25 after the ratings wipe. The games were very funny and I think that the game improved a lot.
    Decks are more balanced, I quickly made it to 300 and sit temporarily on top of the ratings, but I really feel that most games were close ones, I never had this feeling before about balance and variety of heroes/strategies.
    There are still some bugs... hopefully 1.26 will clear them out, but I want to notify my gratitude to the SE team ...