Playing TCGs (The Long Road)

This is my first blog, so it may not be high quality, but I am a half way decent writer so I guess things should turn out well.

In any case this blog is just going to consist of a bunch of thoughts and sometimes rambles on the struggles of learning more advanced concepts of cards games. I will also cover the pros and cons of various trading card games that are not Shadow Era. I know this may seem counter intuitive, but taking information and relating them to other subjects is a great way for us to learn things. Also, if your reading this for some reason, I am assuming you play shadow era so the content would not be very refreshing.

  1. Pokemon: Thoughts on side boards, and deck thinning.

    Many who are familiar with the Pokémon Trading Card Game and have participated in any of the games tournaments, be it competitive or casual, have probably noticed the absence of a familiar trend among other such games. Sideboards are not present at all under normal circumstances. The same goes for Shadow Era. I have been thinking about how this affects the two games, and what sideboards could mean for Shadow Era for a few weeks, so here I would like to just jot down my thoughts.

    A ...
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