1. Trying out a Majiya deck

    I may have found a new favorite Hero... yeah, I think I have! I love the deck control aspect of Majiyas ability and it's potential is shown in my last video.

  2. That feeling when...

    Yesterday I was trying out a Zaladar deck and it just wouldn't work as planned. Then I changed to an old trusted one and I didn't win ONE game... One of those days...

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  3. Things are starting to move

    I've been in contact with a new store and they seem very interested in me demoing the physical version of Shadow Era! They are known for holding MtG and other sort of tournaments so I see no problem holding SE ones too.

    I mean, how can they not fall in love with this game? Am I right?
  4. Another deck, another hero

    If there's something I've learned in life it is that suddenly stop what you are doing and change direction. That way you won't get bored no matter what you're doing. This is especially important for someone like me with an attention span of a two year old.

    So I begun building a new deck, a Skullcrusher one, and it sucks. Big time. BUT I'm learning a lot by failing and that is the most important lesson for a SE n00b. It's ok to be loosing, it's not the end of the world as long as you ...
  5. A package arrived today

    Like a kid on christmas I skipped and jumped (not really) out to the the mailbox and grabbed the first Champion package from Wulven Game Studios. It contained an awesome t-shirt, a box of dice, a bunch of Shadow Crystals and package containing all Premium foil cards from Call of the Crystals that will be used as prices in the coming tournaments. (on top of this they also included corn chips! I'll eat them later...)

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