1. Lieutenants

    Lieutenants *

    An idea from playing magic. Like planeswalkers. But a lot different. They are a completely separate altogether so there not Hero's and their not allies. They all have powers like Hero's and gain one SE per turn that cannot be increased or decreased. All lieutenants have the ability of when they are on the board you hero cannot be targeted or damaged. This showing that they always throw themselves in There
    Leaders harms way. These card are not protected by protector ...
  2. Ally ideas part 1

    Ally ideas

    Here are some more ideas that have crept inside this head of mine. They are an accumulation of allies for classes or factions that all accompany or help the certain lacks I have seen. I have not put casting costs on them as this leads to whole balancing thing. Which these are just ideas I am putting forward

    Doomed scarecrow
    Shadow ally
    Whenever an ally damages doomed scarecrow that ally is killed. This ally cannot ...
  3. Card ideas!!


    I wanted to create a set of cards that are sort of completely different from the set that are around at the moment. I haven't put artwork up for these guys as I dunno how. So I represent to you, the HOMUNCULI


    All the Hero's have 27 life

    Hero: Ingrid stephia
    Human homunculi
    Ability: 2SE: gain 4SE*
    Flavour: finally I have unlocked the secrets of shadow

    Hero: flagellent Byron*
    Human ...