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  1. Singapore Players Meet-up for May 2013!

    7:45pm! Meltdown gets underway! Frenziedpeon is the handsome dude in the middle on the left row. Leon is the dashing dude on the bottom right. Leon's a really cool guy. He's played SE on his phone but was stroked to see physical cards. He wanted to play it right on the spot! Swell guy. hahah! Geckt quickly refreshed Leon on Meltdown rules and the games got underway. Big thanks to Berdugo who filled in for the sixth player slot. Initially, there were only 4 of us, but with Leon coming in, we were ...
  2. 22nd Oct 2013, Singapore SE Players Meet-up Report!

    [QUOTE=Raphael Majere;381152](From Raph's point of view: I'll let the others fill you in on their own games/happenings)

    Well, I was the Organizer so I made sure my ass was at the location way before anyone else. I had the good idea to snap some pics of the store front and entrance so hopefully the players who have not been there do not get lost trying to make their way there. At least, I know I HAD difficulty locating it the very first time I was there.

    The store front ...
  3. Raph's $19.99 "Ultimate Way to Enjoy Shadow Era: Dark Prophecies"!

  4. Raph and Tcsnider's $19.99 "Ultimate Way to Enjoy Shadow Era: Dark Prophecies"!

    Quote Originally Posted by Raphael Majere View Post
    (This Article is made possible only with the help of BP Tcsnider. His dominance at per-launched Dark Prophecies tournaments and knowledge allowed us to create and tweak decks that are great for Quick Match at the Challenge area, i.e. Player vs Player.)

    This Guide is for new players who just started Shadow Era and is willing to spend around $19.99 to buy crystals. I highly recommend it!

    $19.99 really goes a very, very long way. Tcsnider and I managed to build a deck
  5. Mega Rush Deck - Update:12 July 2011

    Ok guys, I've decided to start a new account and track the growth and progress of the Mega-Rush Deck. From scratch.

    Started from rating 0 and working my way up. At 206 ratings now. I will continue to play and update you guys.

    I will also continue to update my original post.

    The Deck contents again:

    1 x Zaladar

    4 x Keldor
    4 x Infernal Gargoyle
    4 x Plasma Behemoths
    3 x Chimera
    2 x Medusil
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