1. When Christmas time rolls around

    Hello. It's been a while.

    I thought i'd write this up, forgive my rustiness.

    As I've said, it's been a while. Nothing to do with Shadow Era.

    When christmastime rolls around

    When christmastime rolls around,
    I'm reminded of those I love,
    Peace if but for a little while,
    Lie back, relax,

    Let us skate on by,
    Enjoy life's little pleasures,
    Some hot chocolate by the fire,
    A sleigh ride
  2. The new hero classification and you

    So I was trying to classify the new hero meta and figure them out. I sent an email to Shadow Era support, but they were not forthcoming with the satistics of heroes so after a team effort over a single day period by A1, we came up with some interesting numbers. I feel the general "snapshot" is fairly accurate of our current meta, and should give an accurate idea of the heroes and their classes.

    Again, breaking away from the tier system to give a more "fair" system. ...
  3. Classification of heroes

    After much confusion and concern about which tier a hero is, and even bring it down to decimal points, I now offer you a different classing system.

    OU- OverUsed

    These are heroes that are used often, and you encounter often in quickmatch. They aren't necessarily OP, just used a lot.

    Eladwen, Logan

    UU- UnderUsed

    These are the heroes used less than normal, but you still encounter once or twice every ten games, ...
  4. Is romance dead?

    Just another random non se-related post.

    It seems nowadays people want to meet, f*ck, and move on more and more. I mean, with all that's going on it seems sensible right?

    But what happens to those deeper connections? I recently came across a girl who actually prefers to avoid those connections, yet seemed to want kids. So hold on a second... She wants a family later but doesn't want to deal with the guy? Lady, are you TRYING to help psychatrists out here with the years ...
  5. Goodbye!

    I bet you thought this was a rage quit, or generally me leaving when you saw the title.

    Assumptions make an ass of you and me. Mostly you, though.

    Actually, I AM saying goodbye to the game in general. Probably not forums, I'm still amused by them.

    1.27 and 1.28 are two completely different games. You can argue time will tell when I tell you certain heroes just dominate worse than majiya ever did. I will tell you to kindly fk off. I do sort of enjoy the ...

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