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  1. Bazzel's Avatar
    Wow this was pretty usefull, now that shattered fates is out , this article open my eyes and showed what was that was missing in my deck. Thanks a ton
  2. Kip thorp's Avatar
    Just wanted to let ya know I enjoyed the read and it is most useful to a poor player such as myself!
    Thanks bro!
  3. Morettos's Avatar
    There are some great articles around in Shadow Era, but yours is one of the best Iīve read so far, itīs well redacted, it has great pro tips, and itīs great to keep discovering good articles when you think you have read them all. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, and keep on with the good work for SE
  4. soothslyress's Avatar
    Thanks so much for taking the time to write this up; I'm finally beginning to understand by "more focused decks." I'm still working on a few things but I'll have you take a look at it and then we can test it.
  5. houshasen's Avatar
    Great write up. Hope you would give specific example of each in Shadow Era with obviously some do not really apply at this early stage of the game.

  6. Vincenzo749's Avatar
    Loved this article
  7. ivoeusebio's Avatar

    dont fear the WORDS... write and write

    Good advices here... keep on
  8. soothslyr's Avatar
    thanks for the love. i find that it is an underestimated art
  9. HigherPrimate's Avatar
    great read. some good advice in there. loved the poker part. thats how Ive always looked at this game as well.
  10. Vincenzo749's Avatar
    thank you very much for this
  11. Keaven's Avatar
    Spotted a typo in Control Decks, "and tend tend to only"
    And in Mil decks: "much more patients."

    Updated 03-07-2012 at 06:17 AM by Keaven
  12. LiefKlynKonyntje's Avatar
    Very nice, thanks! Maybe a follow-up listing SE-specific examples after the 1.3 update?
  13. Anima Immortalis's Avatar
    Nice entry,vey useful....really needed some clarification on this subject.