1. Majiyas Ice Kill Kiss

    This deck needs a big shout out to Killtrend who helped me tune it from what it was.
    I got to thinking the other day how would be a cool way to spice up the game even more, so i thought why not build a theme deck. If hunters can have their decks totally around the hunting and bow and arrow theme why couldnt i do the same.
    So i got hold of my favourite SE shadow chick and thought; "she has to be one icy B$#"/ to survive in this game"...tchana light bulb appeared and here ...
  2. Am I addicted to SE

    OK, so some people have brought ot my attention that im spedning way to much time on a "card game" and that it is looking to be more of an addiction...
    Well, if you reckon having the app on my iPod, and Tapatalk to access the SE forum, and Proboards app to talk to my guild buddies (yes i have a guild and they are my online friends in this game thank you very much) and i have installed multiple app to chat with various members....then....then...s#!7 i am addicted arenīt i?!
  3. The other half at home...

    How comes a guy (and i believe there may even be gals out there with this problem) that a guy gets home after work and cant relax a little playing SE and chatting with other fans, without hearing non stop about how addicted i am to this game, and its been every night this week (girl its tuesday for crying out loud).
    Thank God for my iPod and SE access, i just sit on the sofa making nice until she dozes off back in the game boys and girls

    ....but seriuosly, ...
  4. 1.25 Deck Roundup

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    I plan on collecting some of the better threads that address how to build decks regarding each hero. The deck's won't necessarily be the best of the best, but the threads will have solid feedback and discussion. New players and season players alike will hopefully find this index of threads useful for building different decks. Without further ado:

    Boris Skullcrusher
  5. 1.25 Gravebella Beatdown

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    1.25 Gravebella Beatdown v4.5

    ***Please Note: This deck has been severely edited since its first release. Check the latest posts for relevant information about this build.***

    1 - Gravebone

    4 - Brute
    3 - Medusil
    3 - Infernal Gargoyle
    4 - Belladonna

    4 - Fireball
    4 - Lightning Blast
    3 - Portal
    2 - Research
    2 - Shriek

    Total: 30 Cards

    Ok, so I'll show an optimal start