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  • This effect was introduced in Call of the Crystals.
  • Frozen is a keyword negative effect.
  • A frozen hero or ally can not attack, defend or use his ability.
  • A frozen hero or ally is shown with a blue-freeze colored overlay.
  • Being frozen does not prevent from being damaged.
  • Currently, there are two allies immune to ice damage and frozen (Frosted Urigon and Stalactitan) and two that can't be frozen (Dakrath) and Karlstrad, Ruler of Gaderi
  • Cards that interact with frozen:
  • Allies:
  1. Furrion Terror (it is killed if damage by ice or frozen)
  2. Paladin of Unaxio (ice damage to friendly hero and ally is reduced by 1)
  • Ability:
  1. Shatter Ice (all frozen allies are exiled)
  2. Assassination (targeted friendly ally not frozen or disable kills ally)
  3. Death from Above (targeted friendly ally not frozen or disable kills ally 4cc or less)
  • Item:
  1. Blazing Shield (ice damage to friendly hero is reduced by 1)
  • Cards that like to freeze others:
  • Hero:
  1. Eladwen Frostmire (direct - ally)
  • Ally:
  1. Frosted Urigon (in response - ally)
  2. Stalactitan (direct - ally)
  3. Forgotten Horror (in response - ally)
  • Ability:
  1. Freezing Grip (direct - ally)
  2. Kelvin's Charm (in response - ally)
  • Items:
  1. Urigon's Fang (direct - ally)
  2. Snow Sapphire (in response - hero or ally)
  3. Voice of Winter (in response - ally)