Shattered Fates

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In Shattered Fates, we return to Balor months after Rothem's defeat and find a world that has not been doing well. In the passing months signs of decay from the massive loss of energies caused by the war and the battle of Ft. Balor have become rampant. Soil turning infertile to the point that crops refuse to grow. Livestock becoming sickly, with people not far behind. Some rivers are even beginning to run dry.

The heroes as well begin to see the effects of the war. Emotions ran high in the peak of battles, but they still find themselves angry and belligerent when the moods are not called for. Whatever energies they've been drawing from the Shadow Crystals seem to have a steeper price than they'd originally believed.

General Gunther finds himself strained to supply resources to the armies he still commands, while the kingdoms that stood so proudly against Rothem now start to bicker once more. Old alliances and grudges begin to resurface as resources become further strained by the dwindling life force of the planet. Some even question the need for an army as the Shadow have been beaten so far back.

Meanwhile, the Shadow fight among themselves for dominance with the loss of their leader. Arthyle, still loyal to the defeated king, begins to move the leaders of each race into a new, if uneasy, alliance. He promises them the very power Rothem had sought in the lands of the Wylds, the power of the Aldmor.

As the war begins anew, a ne'er-do-well street urchin displaced by the wars in Layar takes residence in the abandoned and gutted remains of Fort Balor. There, among the ashes he finds a small journal written by a long dead priest and his now legend son. Through this the boy, called Omril, Wizent's warnings become heard once more.

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