Shadow Knight

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Card_No: se055
Rarity: Uncommon
Name: Shadow Knight
Type: Shadow Ally - Undead
Cost: 5
ATK: 5
HP: 4
Ability: When Shadow Knight is summoned, the top ally in your graveyard is returned to your hand.
Flavor Text: "In the shadows lurk only more shadows."


  • According to the Shadow Era short "The Reckoning", the Shadow Knights are actually individuals with names (two being identified as Varlack and Torgath), rather than just a mindless army.
    • The same story also reveals that Dakrath is a commander of the Shadow Knights.
  • This card is sometimes referred to by the community as "Batman", given that this card is also a "dark knight" of sorts.
  • A Shadow Knight appears in the artwork of Gruesome Brutality.