Oliver Fagin

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Card_No: sf110
Rarity: Rare
Name: Oliver Fagin
Type: Rogue Ally (Unique)
Cost: 7
ATK: 1
HP: 7
Ability: When Oliver Fagin is summoned, target opposing ally with cost 3 or less is placed in your hand. Oliver Fagin has +1 attack for each card in your hand.
Flavor Text:


  • Oliver Fagin is based on Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist and it's main villain Fagin who would recruit homeless children (as pictured above) to steal and/or commit crimes for him in trade for a roof over their head. [1]
  • The child pictured on the door next to Oliver is presumed to be the same child from the card Stop, Thief! [2]
  • According to the artist, this card's facial features are based on himself.
  • Oliver Fagin appears in the artwork of Coercion.