WC2013 Grand Finals - Day 2

11-24-2013 02:00 PM

11-24-2013 02:00 PM WC2013 Grand Finals - Day 2

16 Player Double Elimination Tournament - Finished


• The competition begins Sunday 2pm GMT November 24th
• The matches will be bo3, double elimination with a 10 card sideboard (deck lock) with a bo5 finals
• Alternate who goes first in games 1 and 2. Determine who goes first in game 3 randomly (in the case of the bo5 finals, continue to alternate who goes first for games 3 and 4 and determine who goes first in game 5 randomly.)
• Only the 16 players qualified for the WC2013 Grand Finals (listed above) may take part in this event.
• Players must check in 1 hour before the start of the event. You will have up until 1 minute before the event starts to check in, otherwise you will be dropped from the event.
• We recommend playing on PC as it has the most stability. In the case of a sync error, the game will be replayed unless it was clear that one player was dead (for example, the game freezes with one hero at 0 health). Again, playing on PC should avoid this particular issue.
• In the case of a disconnection, the player that disconnects will get a game loss unless it was clear that one player was dead (for example, the turn player drops when he is about to attack to reduce the opposing hero to 0 health).
• Send in your deck list to Mojumbo at least 5 hours before the event begins. We will be randomly checking gamelogs to make sure players aren’t trying to change their deck mid-tournament.
• Your deck list for day 1 does not have to match your deck list for day 2.
• The winner of this event will be entered into the Epic bo7 playoff to determine who gets the title of “Shadow Era World Champion of 2013.”

Tournament Details

Type Double Elimination
Status Finished
Free Slots 0 / 16
Created 11-19-2013
Created By Mojumbo
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Tournament Brackets

Loser Round 1
Loser Round 2
Loser Round 3
Loser Round 4
Loser Round 5
Loser Round 6
Loser Round 7
Bye Player
Bye Player
Bye Player
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