Hello. After play several decks for magic heroes, (principally, trying to understand the Majiya players, to beat them better) and try another several combinations of cards, I get a very nice Nishaven Deck that I call "Terminal Frost". This is the soundtrack of the deck: Click here

This is not an anti-Majiya deck. The first objective of this research was kill better Magic Heroes (with Zaladar and Baduruu), knowing the kinds of gameplay that they use, but this deck was created and developed to face any hero and player. Anyways, you can kill Majiya very well and others Heroes, you could have problems with Elementals with Soul Reaper.

Here is the deck:

Modification notes: You can replace with no problems Special Delivery with Freeze, but I like more SD because is more fire power. And you can replace Bad Santa with Research, but I recommend more Bad Santa, because is useful when you are waiting a Fire Blast to win, and it gives you more chance to take it that the Research. If you need them, you can add Retreat! but is better don't do it.

Gameplay: You only will use your allies in the first 1, 2 or 3 turns and they are distraction. The enemy will been killing your allies and you will been killing their hero, nice treat. Your allies are only for take a little life regulation (because you only have 26, and your enemy haves more life). After that, they are only shield for your hero. Maybe you can sacrifice a Fireball if you are sure that you can cast an Blake Windrunner and attack at less two times to the enemy hero.

All your powers are for the enemy hero. Never use it against an ally. Sacrifice every turn, first the allies and then the Rain Delay, Bad Santa (if your enemy puts Bazaar) and Snow Sapphire, maybe one supernova and Special Delivery.

General Strategy: Turn 1-3 or 4 play allies, make one or two shots and play draw cards. Turn 5, 6, 7 kill enemy allies (with hero ability, supernova, etc) and cast Voice of Winter (this is a very important card, give you time that you need and helpful to kill any 4 and 5 hp ally). Turn 7, 8, 9 and forward: powers and powers and more powers to kill enemy hero.

Why not any Jasmine or middle cost ally? Why we will not play allies? Because elementals, wolfs, warriors, hunters and any other player have powers to kill your allies, attack you with your own allies and heal. If your allies are only distraction to get resources and cards, the enemy can't make so much with your gameplay and the 30% of their cards are complete useless. Also, their allies don't will be a problem to you with the next combos.

Combos: You will not play your allies for kill other allies, all your firepower is for the enemy hero, you need to kill he fast. For that reason you must use power to kill the enemy allies, and thats the reason of why we choice Nishaven and not another.

Supernova + Kristofer: Kill all enemy allies, if one steal alive you can kill he with Kristofer.
Supernova + Voice of winter: Same.
Hero Ability + Voice of winter: Same.
Lightning Strike + Voice of winter: kill any 4 hp ally.

Does it works?