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Thread: my Zaladar deck

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    my Zaladar deck

    4x gargoyle
    3x behemoth
    4x belladonna
    3x death mage

    1x soul reaper
    4x transference
    4x mind control
    4x life infusion
    1x eternal renewal
    3x bloodlust
    4x shriek
    1x bad santa
    2x armor of ages
    1x diminsional ripper

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    Your zaladar need draw engine. With only two bad santa and one DR, and 4 life infusion, 4 shriek, 3 bloodlust, 2 AoA, you will have games where you will top decking and draw no ally for several turns, and certainly lose. 4 bazaar 3 bad santa are in my deck, you can also 4 bad santa 2 bazaar, but i don't like it, with DR you don't need 6 other cards engine 4 would be enough. Transference isn't a good card, put 4 brutalis instead, a good ally to make your enemy's weapon off, and -1 shriek, to +1 soul reaper, be sure to have it in the right time, too late is...
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