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    Quote Originally Posted by Jelle Van Loo View Post
    pfff dude and everyone here, the resourse thing is NOT a new mecanic it is out there for years, ppl who already played other tcg's like me probably already know this because it is so obvious, search for the game 'world of warcraft trading card game' (based on the popular mmo) i played this game a couple years ago in a competetive environment it had nationals and everything like magic the gathering (wich i play too) but i stopped playing it because i liked magic more.When i played this game for the first time i just thought it was a wow tcg clone, but free, Now don't get me wrong i like this game A LOT, but u can not denie that it is almost a complete rip off of wow tcg, especially mechanics based, even the cards and the health icon (all icons, yes look up wow tcg cards) look almost the same lol, the resourse thing aswel as the heroes (instead of normal life counter) and 2 sides, classes, armor weapons that are classbound, abilities both sides can use without class restriction... and on and on, you also have in wow tcg the ONLY difference in this game and wow tcg, is u have no instant abilities (can't play spells on opponents turn) wich is probably software related so if they could they would do it too, and oh wait, thats it XD... wow tcg tried to be different as magic the gathering in these ways, so for the people who think shadow era is trying to be different than other popular tcg's, no, it already exists
    i play this game because it is fun and free and because i liked wow tcg, and the most important, its a browser game !

    And for the people who say this game is going to be as huge as magic, i think that's not gonna happen, but it would be nice ofcourse
    for a couple reasons: because wow tcg never got that huge, but is more popular than shadow era (but not digital ofcourse)
    has almost exactly the same mechanics..
    Shadow era's succes is digital only, not in stores or real life like most tcg's ot there, so no real life competitive play like magic the gathering
    ( and i still don't know why u guys compare this game with the biggest leadaing tcg of all time and still is FOR A REASON, wich is so much bigger in so much ways end complex i wouldn't even know where to begin...)
    It is not because u don't play magic but u play this game u need to say this game is better lol grow up have some respect
    But as i already said i like the game , i play it a lot but magic the gathering is still my main tcg
    And i am also exited to see how this game is going to be developping in the future
    just needed to get this out and sorry for spelling mistakes And nice thread.

    do they not say that it is based mostly off of the wow tcg? its not like they hide that fact. and yes wow is bigger, buuut shadow era is how old? world of warcraft, and all of the warcraft games have a huuuge lead right now, of course wow is more popular. I think with a serious ad campaign, this game could get huge. no its not the most original in the world, but its fun, and its diverse, and people like it. And if people decide they like this game over magic the gathering, thats thier opinion. all because its not yours does not make them wrong, i think your the one who should grow up and show respect. All because a games been around forever, doesn't make it better. And shadow era is jsut releaseing physical cards right? im pretty sure that would be the biggest reason its only a success online..

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    I come back two years later to see my post stick'd at the top of the strategy thread made me blush!

    Considering really getting back into this game..!

    Noticed that since I wrote this up, Here Be Monster got updated to let you draw a card but turned into a conditional resource destruction unfortunately (as I really liked that card, but it definitely needed the nerf since it could too easily shut down an opponent and that is not a fun way to lose). I'll have to update my examples because this is no longer a 1-to-1 tempo trade.
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    From a newbie, thx so much for the write up


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