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    (Finished) [1.27 TOURN4MENT] Information for Players


    Q1 winner was Sisyphos, who beat iClipse 2-1.
    Q2 winner was DCjG, who beat Gurum 2-0.
    Q3 winner was Raphael Majere, who beat Master Blakes 2-1.
    Q4 winner was KAKAMONG, who beat Bicin 2-0.

    Raphael Majere beat DCjG in the first semi-final 2-0.
    Sisyphos beat KAKAMONG in the second semi-final 2-0.

    Raphael Majere beat Sisyphos 3-2 in the final.
    KAKAMONG beat DCjG 2-0 to take 3rd place.


    Q1 (6 players)

    LyingDragon (Zaladar) 2-0 Cash9908 (Jericho)
    Sisyphos (Banebow) 2-0 Hatts (Jericho)
    iClipse (Gwen) - Bye
    TomasRuiz (Jericho) - Bye

    iClipse (Gwen) 2-0 LyingDragon (Zaladar)
    Sisyphos (Banebow) 2-0 TomasRuiz (Jericho)

    Sisyphos (Banebow) 2-1 iClipse (Gwen)

    Q2 (13 players)

    Dharvo (Banebow) 2-0 Portgaz D Ace (Jericho)
    DCjG (Boris) 2-0 Yingxiongdota (Zaladar)
    CodeDomination (Lance) 2-1 B0HATER (Boris)
    arebelspy (Banebow) 2-0 Giskard (Majiya)
    LeiBruc (Zaladar) 2-0 Jswainlive (Zaladar)
    Halley73 (Zaladar) - Bye
    graphlem (Amber) - Bye
    Gurum (Majiya) - Bye

    graphlem (Amber) 2-1 Dharvo (Banebow)
    DCjG (Boris) 2-0 Halley73 (Zaladar)
    arebelspy (Banebow) 2-0 CodeDomination (Lance)
    Gurum (Majiya) 2-0 LeiBruc (Zaladar)

    Gurum (Majiya) 2-1 arebelspy (Banebow)
    DCjG (Boris) 2-1 graphlem (Amber)

    DCjG (Boris) 2-0 Gurum (Majiya)

    Q3 (9 players)

    MasterBlakes (Amber) 2-0 protonium (Gravebone)
    BlanketEffect (Boris) 2-1 Pretty Pretty Princess (Gravebone)
    Raphael Majere (Boris) 2-0 TheWitchDoctor (Gravebone)
    ErTanoso (Amber) 2-1 guxa (Eladwen)
    Sam1903 (Amber) - Bye

    MasterBlakes (Amber) 2-0 BlanketEffect (Boris)
    Sam1903 (Amber) 2-1 ErTanoso (Amber)
    Raphael Majere (Boris) - Bye

    Raphael Majere (Boris) 2-1 Sam1903 (Amber)
    MasterBlakes (Amber) - Bye

    Raphael Majere (Boris) 2-1 MasterBlakes (Amber)

    Q4 (7 players)

    Nickey293 (Amber) 2-0 pjoe0211 (Amber)
    Kentuequi (Zaladar) 2-1 doianhkhoviai (Banebow)
    KAKAMONG (Zaladar) 2-1 BDK16 (Gwen)
    Bicin (Jericho) - Bye

    Bicin (Jericho) 2-0 pjoe0211 (Amber)
    KAKAMONG (Zaladar) 2-1 Kentuequi (Zaladar)

    KAKAMONG (Zaladar) 2-0 Bicin (Jericho)


    Sisyphos (Banebow) 2-0 KAKAMONG (Zaladar)
    Raphael Majere (Boris) 2-0 DCjG (Boris)


    Raphael Majere (Boris) 3-2 Sisyphos (Banebow)

    3rd/4th Place

    KAKAMONG (Zaladar) 2-0 DCjG (Boris)


    The stuff below here is left for historical reasons ...


    This tournament is to celebrate the launch of 1.27 on the live server. The prizes are as follows:

    1st place: 5000 Shadow Crystals + Special Surprise Bonus Prize
    2nd place: 2000 Shadow Crystals
    3rd place: 1000 Shadow Crystals
    4th place: 500 Shadow Crystals

    Due to timezone issues, it is being split into three stages: Qualifiers and then Semi-Finals and The Final.

    There are four Qualifiers:

    Q1: 11am GMT+0 on Saturday 10th September
    Q2: 8pm GMT+0 on Saturday 10th September
    Q3: 6pm GMT+0 on Sunday 11th September
    Q4: 6pm GMT+0 on Saturday 17th September

    Each participant can only be in one qualifier.

    Qualifiers will be single-elimination tournaments, where the winner of each will go through to the Semi-Finals, which will be scheduled based on availability of the four players involved. The winners of those two matches will face off in The Final, which will also be scheduled based on their availability.


    1. Decks must contain at least 40 cards (including Hero).

    2. Deck listings and your choice of Qualifier must be submitted to GondorianDotCom by Private Message before the start of Q1, which is 11am GMT+0 on 10th September.

    3. The deck you use throughout the entire tournament must match your submitted deck listing and game logs will be checked to ensure this is being adhered to. (i.e. No deck changes.)

    4. All matches are best of three and only the winner of each match goes through to the next round. (This is not a swiss-style tournaent, but pure single elimination, since only the winner of each qualifier goes into the Semi-Finals)

    5. Who goes first in the first game in a match is decided randomly. The other player goes first in the second game (just quit and restart the game if the in-built random selection gets it the wrong way round). If there is a third game, the order is decided at random.

    6. A disconnect during a game is classed as a loss for the disconnector, unless the other player wishes to class it as void. A sync error (which causes a draw) renders the game void also. A void game must be replayed.

    7. A draw due to both Heroes dying at the same time also effectively counts as a void game; the winner of a match must win two games, so a drawn game could cause a fourth to be required.

    8. Each Qualifier will be managed by GondorianDotCom via the IRC chatroom, and all players in a Qualifier should be logged into the chatroom while they are still in the tournament. To make life easier for those using the web browser client, I have made a framed page, which has the game and the chatroom side-by-side.

    9. You must be signed into the chatroom when your qualifier starts or you risk being ejected from the tournament. The only exception is if you do not have access to IRC - in which case, you need to tell me this in advance and we can communicate via this thread and I will relay information to people in the chatroom.

    10. Be sure to confirm you know the right time to show up. See here for the current time in GMT+0.

    11. Also be sure to check this thread for any updates before your Qualifier starts, in case any extra rules have been added to cover corner-cases I've not thought of yet.

    12. If you have any questions, please post them on this thread, so that I have the chance to amend the rules to clarify or remedy the situation.
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