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    I'm glad to see all I want to be improved are comming updated soon. You guys realy listen us

    But what i noticed sine 2 weeks:
    On single player AI fight we can't change camera view during enemy turn, camera moves automatically + auto zoom on casted spells - okay, fine as you wish guys.
    On multi fight we CAN change camera view - cool too, especialy when you need to wait long.

    Problem is in camera view changed by camera button + auto zoom. Camera change CANCELS auto zoom causing casted card flips in enemy hand and card is not zoomed. You miss this action and client WAITS for card tap to zoom out and show next steps of enemy turn.. But if you don't saw that you are still waiting for enemy move...

    Today i noticed that.. Waiting aprox one minute to enemy move. I realized "Hay.. One of his card was trying to zoom in and i cancelled it by playing with camera view chgange button..". So i tap the empty screen and game steps of enemy turn start to jump fast like F16. I was waiting for enemy move, client was waiting for me to tap and teoretically zoom out the card, enemy player was waiting for me to start my turn after his done.

    Next and last thing is very hard to aim with yours finger right on small card.. The buttons are very inacurrate - and i know that i'm not the first person saying that.

    I'm very proud of you guys, Wulven team, epic piece of work \m/
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