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    [Cheat or bug?] Lag time out in a winning situation!!

    Hi everyone,

    I am very confused!!(a bit angry now )
    Why there are many time I am in a winning situation that there is no chance for opponent to win, then I will see the pop up message says: "Multiple sync problem...", and I felt lag and can't do anything, then time out counting down till defeat!!!!! It happened too many times when I was going to win. and my internet connection was 100% no problem.

    The last player who I played with was "HansNoBRAIN"(Rank 278), He was very good, and he had 6 strong allies on the stage, but I stole his "Tide Wave" card, and used it to kill all the allies, I think he was very surprise. After that he had few cards, I was going to win. however, just after the tide wave on his turn. I started to lag till defeat. why??! It makes me think that he got his high rank by cheating.

    Screen shot: (It's my opponent's turn, and I was time out defeat)

    so I was wondering that is that a bug or a cheating program?

    can any staff pay attention on him (HansNoBRAIN) please! thanks..
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    Sorry but it's still at the wrong place, you should have posted it on feedback, don't worry an Acount Security Specialist (ASS) will take a look to this game, but only if you mention the time (with time zone) your name and opponent's name.

    Edit : and you can report all sync error in this thread, and have more info in this one.
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