Format: Conquest, this is a commonly used format across different games. A detailed overview of the rules is below.

Each player will submit 4 different decks with different heroes. 3 heroes to be used in one portion and a 4th for another. Players must specify which deck they wish to use only in the 4 deck portion at time of deck submission.

At the start of each round both players choose a hero from their opponents pool they wish to ban for the round. Players will enter an unrated game with this hero loaded to reveal their ban choice simultaneously.

With the rest of the decks on their pool the players will play until one player has won with each of their decks (best of 3 games during 3 deck portion and best of 5 for 4 deck portion). Once a player wins with a deck they can't use it for the remainder of the round.

Tournament will be double elimination and all deck submissions will be closed submissions.

In Round 1 everyone begins in the Winners Bracket. Player A and B are matched against each other. They bring the following decks:

Player A: Baduru, Aramia, Zaladar, Lance
Player B: Baduru, Aramia, Logan, and Majiya

Player A bans Baduru, and Player B bans Aramia. So the best of 5 is resolved with the remaining heroes:

Player A: Baduru, Zaladar, Lance
Player B: Aramia, Logan, Majiya

The players can bring any of their 3 non-banned heroes into game 1. Lets say Player A bring Zaladar and beats Player B's Aramia. In the next 2 games, Player A will have to bring Baduru and Lance, in any order but Player B can bring Aramia, Logan, or Majiya because he has not won with any of them yet. Once you win with a hero, you may not repeat that hero for the rest of the round.

The loser's bracket works similarly, but the players bring only 3 heroes and ban 1. They play a best of 3 with only 2 heroes, repeating a hero only if they first lose with that hero.

NOTE: Anyone not submitting their decks by Wednesday February 15th, at 6 PM GMT will be disqualified and their opponent given a bye.