So, we understand that in some guilds it is customary to offer a draw to a guildmate your are thrashing in a game. This is understandable, and in this month where ratings matter for WC Championship seeding, a draw offer from one guild mate to another is discouraged, but not prohibited.

HOWEVER. If you are clearly winning a game, and concede the match - especially if your opponent is clearly in the running for a slot, AND more especially if the opponent is in the same guild as you, AND even MORE especially is a higher rating than you, you will probably receive a Collusion Warning. This is because opponents in other guilds will see this as a coordinated effort by the lower ranking in the guild to pump up the rating of a player in their guild who has a shot at the title.

This has already happened, been reported, investigated, and - although we do not thing the player receiving the free win was trying to cheat - a penalty was awarded. Without getting into the persons involved, the high rated player receiving the free win was docked 2 slots to his finish for the month, regarding the seeding for WC only. If he comes in 1st overall he can still become a legend (get a tribute card made for him), but if he finishes 1st, he will finish 3rd instead. If he finishes 10th, he will finish 12th instead, and so on.

Again, this is the penalty BECAUSE we believe he did not arrange it ahead of time. If we believed he was, it would have been a DQ of both of the players involved. So, don't be conceding games you are winning to higher rated guild mates. It won't help them, and it might hurt them.