Some people love to host impromptu tournaments, and lots of people like to play in tournaments. As a result, in the past we have had a lot of players request sponsorships for their tournaments, and other players just buy stuff to give away in their tournaments.

We are going to try a new thing here at Shadow Era and see how it goes. While we will still have periodic tournaments that we will host and/or put up the prizes for, we want to reward those players who have taken it upon themselves to buy product just to give away as prizes.

Until the end of January, if you are inclined to host tournaments, and were going to buy something for yourself anyway, you can do yourself AND the community a favor by Hosting With It!. Simply message RS Jlbjork in-game or on telegram saying that you are going to host a tournament and give away prizes you have JUST personally purchased for that purpose. We will verify your purchase, and once your tournament has ended, and the prizes are awarded, we will credit your account with 1.5 x the amount of product you bought to give away!

In this way, tournament organizers who buy their own prizes (we have had several do that recently) can gain a significant benefit for themselves in exchange for donating their time as a TO to the community!

Don't worry, if you are a TO who has requested us to provide prizes for your tournament, feel free to continue to make those requests. However, we can only say "yes" to a limited number of such requests, while if you buy product and Host With It, there is NO LIMIT to the number of requests we can approve, and grant an additional 1.5 x the rewards purchased to the TO.

For instance, if a player buys 2000 SC and 2 PACs to give away as prizes, after they give those away to the winners, we will credit their account with 3000 SC and 3 PACs for themselves!