Whilst the meta is settling for the inclusion of new cards, a large majority is selecting Outlaw as their main tribe, leaving Wild unattended.

I started from building a Wild deck from scratch (without using portal), and settled with Anmor's Call Skervox.

Hero: Skervox (60 cards)

Ally (24):
4x Black Adder
4x Treetop Spider
4x Killer Bee
4x Slithering Viper
4x Krugal Butcher
2x Uru, King of Beasts
2x Drangis, Lord of the Hunt

Ability (24):
4x Bounty Hunter
2x Hunting Party
4x Hunter's Gambit
3x Shadow Font
4x Anmor's Call
4x Call of the Wild
3x Overwhelm

Item (11):
3x Wrath of the Forest
2x Spirit Shuriken
3x Soul Seeker
3x Barbarian's Bludgeon

Deck Code: 8794537B

The core strategy is to use Call of the Wild to draw and reduce resources. Once you get Anmor's Call and Wrath of the Forest on board, you can spam plenty of allies in a few turns and ramp up to high resources for overwhelm combo. Bounty Hunter can provide easy resources renewal and Hunting Party is a great alternative draw when it pays off.

Barbarian's Bludgeon is going to receive a nerf and will be replaced by Obsidian Pendant in future.