This game lacks balance. There is no more back and forth battles anymore. Now it�s mostly deck with the best start wins. And games are over in 10 turns or less. Having so many cost effective cards mixed with seek makes the game end fast. I don�t know how to fix this without nerfing a lot of cards but in my opinion it�s ruining a great game. Start by making low cost stuff do less, seems to me like the low cost stuff should do very little. There�s too many 2 and 3 cost cards that are too powerful. Many games decided by what card is played turn 3, seems crazy to me.

Many functions of the game don�t play correctly or at least cleanly. Seek for example is supposed show what card it is, some cards work some don�t. Cards or hero�s that gain an ability like defender or deals one damage when enter combat, should have a symbol or something to alert you to it. Things move fast you can�t blink cuz you might miss something. Serena ability, I have to stare at my deck to see a flash of what card gets sent to them, just seems like the player could be allowed to replay or given a fair chance to see these actions and abilities. And I believe some cards won�t target allies with steadfast, you might not be able to remove the ally from play but the option to try should still be there. Happens all time people go to use a spell on my ally but it won�t make it targetable. Camouflaged foe triggers, it is readied then attacks but is still ready? Huh?

Choosing my sacrifice card, I play on iPhone I don�t know if this happens any other platform but when in click on a card to sacrifice there is a good chance the card will shift away and I have to pick it again, basic function of the game and it�s all janky.

And why am I forced to use my foil cards? Can�t even pick a basic hero forces the foil if you have it. If I wanted to use them I would have picked them. I just don�t get it. Some of us prefer to not have foils