A basic cheap warrior deck that revolves around controlling your opponent's board as you build up your own

Hero: Boris Skullcrusher (50 cards)

Ally (29):
4x Kristoffer Wyld
4x Ascetic of Aldmor
3x Dirk Saber
4x Midnight Sentinel
4x Aldon the Brave
4x Priest of the Light
3x Tainted Oracle
3x Yari Marksman

Ability (14):
3x Crippling Blow
4x Bad Santa
4x Smashing Blow
1x Blood Frenzy
1x Enrage
1x Rampage

Item (6):
4x Sword of Might
2x The King's Pride

Deck Code: 303217B

Turn 1: Wild, or Ascetic
Wild has haste which makes it a nice turn 1 play
Ascetic can reduce opponent allies attack which can be useful
Turn 2: Sentinel, Dirk Saber, or Crippling Blow
Sentinel can boost your turn 1 Ally
Dirk Saber has good stats and ambush
Crippling Blow can make most allies usless
Turn 3: Aldon, or Priest of Light
Aldon is a full board attack boost
Priest of Light has decent stats and takes shadow energy from opponent
Draw engines: Bad Santa, Tainted Oracle, and Blood Frenzy
Had a 5 game winstreak with this deck
Weak to mages and weapons and armor(hence smashing blow)