In 2011, I bought my first iPhone and decided to look for a card game in the App Store. Shadow Era came first to me and I was totally sold to it. Beautiful graphics, brilliant game design, multi-platform, free-to-play. It met all my criteria for what a card game should be designed.

By the time I started playing, the game was not fully developed yet. Weapons and Armors were not existed. Rogues had not been released yet. The deck size was 30 cards which was extremely consistent.

Eladwen was the only hero played as her ability was 3SE and could target hero. Portal was a permanent (lol). Sandra ability has not requirement so she could lock down opponent resources. Protector ability can protect hero so Aeon was an ultimate locker.

The next meta hit was Elementalis mill. Its ability was 2SE: sacrifice an ally, heal 5 HP. This was essentially good to play along with low cost allies like fire snakes, plus eternal renewal for infinite loop. This set the basics of stall decks in future.

Later, more decks strike in: Solo Darkclaw, Zaladar control, Gravebone portalbella and many more to come. The game was so diverse and beautiful.

The community of Shadow Era is also amazing. The players, the game designers, the founder are all closely associated with each other. I joined Rising Sun (RS) sometime later and engaged in more competitive plays. Big thanks to my guild mates for all the supports!

I also started the deck posting routine on forum to spark more ideas. Sometimes I came cross players who read my posts and I was more than happy.

I met a lot great people and great minds in SE. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we laugh. I am glad to meet you all.

The past 11 years in Shadow Era was my best time in my life. Thank you everyone. Thank you Shadow Era. The legend goes but the memory is forever.