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    Multi Hero Domination Challenge (MHDC)

    Multi Hero Domination Challenge (MHDC)

    To enter: Play 30 games on Rated Multiplayer, switching heroes after each win. The goal is to get the most wins with different heroes (one per hero) in those 30 games. (In theory, this could mean 30 wins with 30 different heroes, but that is probably asking too much!) When you have played your 30 games, PM me on Telegram (@tmtwgr) the screenshots from your game history.

    Star prize: Most wins out of the 30 matches (with different heroes, one per hero) will win a Pet of your choice up to 3000 SHDW in price.

    Bonus prizes: Prove at least 10 wins (with different heroes) out of the 30 and you will win 1000SC at the end of the challenge.

    Clarifications: You can keep trying for the best sequence of 30 to better your total wins from the 30. (If you lose with a hero, you can use it again or switch to one you haven’t won with in your 30.)

    Challenge lasts until Wednesday 20th April 7pm GMT+0.

    NOTE: This is not aimed at beginners as they likely won’t have enough decks and have a low chance of getting enough wins with different heroes. It is for experienced players with loads of decks who want a challenge and chance to win a Pet.


    Players with at least ten wins with different heroes in 30 consecutive games or less (who have contacted me to show their proof):

    A1 SouthernMonk
    RS Flameborn
    Old Colosal

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    Got my 10 wins. Gunning for Star prize now. Will TG you the screenshots. A1 SouthernMonk. Thanks for hosting this! Very fun

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