Hero: Vess Swifthands (40 cards)

Ally (18):
3x Rotling
4x Barrenland Gremlin
2x Sword Gobbler
4x Frostflame Harpy
3x Voracious Arachnid
2x Flameborn Defiler

Ability (11):
3x Crippling Blow
3x Spontaneous Growth
2x Smashing Blow
3x Blood Frenzy

Item (6):
2x Crystal Shards
2x Splicer's Crown
2x Dimension Ripper

Location (4):
4x Rankett: Proving Grounds

= 40 cards ~ 8280g
Deck Code: 743342B

Strategy : Set up board early preferably with Gremlin and Harpy and then set up location early = win. If you don't find location or your current location is destroyed, dig up another one using Blood Frenzy. Most of your Shadow Energy will be spend for Rankett ability