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    Ythan Lorhon Twilight

    In Dec 2021 attained top 50 best score for the first time, using Ythan Twilight of all things, *surprise* it's still viable although obviously I'm no pro.

    Hero: Ythan

    Ally (33)
    4x Twilight Herald
    4x Twilight Opportunist
    4x Twilight Lifebringer
    4x Twilight Ritualist
    4x Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist
    4x Twilight Champion
    2x Twilight Luminary
    4x Resolute Hornbeam
    3x Avatar of Twilight

    Ability (2)
    2x Ley Line Nexus

    Location (4)
    4x Lorhon: Twilight Encampment

    Notable considerations in deckbuilding:
    - No Viska in Ythan? Viska is not the win condition, you want T5-T7 board presence then seek a Demetreyo to finish on T7-T9
    - Resolute Hornbeam of all 5 drops? It is there to solve the draw problem. Also aggro cannot simply ignore Hornbeam's ability and go face if they have nothing else to finish you with
    - 4x Location? If you draw extra you can sac them as resource or as ammo for hornbeam's ability
    - 2 Ley Line Nexus? This is by choice, mainly for the Rogue and Baduruu matchups, but can of course be tweaked.

    Notable considerations in play:
    - This is a tempo deck meaning you don't want your opponent's deck to start rolling. See a heavy ballista or death collector? Exile it with Ritualist. See a harpy and another creature? Kill them both with Demetreyo and hero ability.
    - Toolbox aggressively. Your opponent might have 2 heavy ballistae, 2 death collectors, 2 of whatever really...when you spend a Ritualist or Demetreyo seek another back into your hand. You will get some back as 1/1 with Avatar eventually.
    - Against decks with Tidal Wave or Supernova, seek Avatar in advance, then Demetreyo if you have another turn to seek
    - Don't be afraid to sac Avatar from initial hand, especially against Serena, you can toolbox for Avatar later. Generally it is better to sac Avatar than sac Lorhon Encampment.
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