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    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you THE MEMESTALKER

    Hero: Moonstalker (43 cards)

    Ally (20):
    4x Fire Snake
    4x Hellsteed
    4x Child of Aldmor
    4x Deathbone
    4x Frostmare

    Ability (15):
    4x Bad Santa
    4x Dark Infiltrator
    3x Shadow Font
    4x Overwhelm

    Item (7):
    4x Loom of Fate
    3x Boooomerang

    Deck Code: 544119B

    Win con: Spam a shitton of allies and use Overwhelm.

    Key cards:
    1. Overwhelm. Hide behind ms and spam alot of allies. When the time is right, drop the bomb and let it go boom.
    2. Dark infiltration and boomerang. Boomerang gives the hero ambush. Dark infiltration says if hero has ambush, allies cost 1 less resource to summon. Which means 1cc allies don�t cost anything to summon. You see the meme idea? Opponents go wtf????
    3. Font and child. Need them for late game stealth chain.

    Guide to play the deck:
    1. Early game: It is all about spamming minions like firesnake, hellsteed and deathbone to do early damage. These 3 are the preferred play but you can play any ally if you dont get these early. You can choose to kill the early 2cc drop of the opponent if you think it is the right play. Otherwise just go face. T3 should be draw + 1cc ally if possible. T4 is also draw. Dont be afraid to play santa even if the opponent draws cards.
    You can sac the early dark infiltration for ally play t1 and t2.

    2.Mid game: This is from turn 5 to turn 7. Here you wanna play the dark infiltration whenever you get the chance. Spam fonts and hide if the opponent has too much heat on board. Keep drawing with santa and loom. You want to get to 7 resources for the meme to begin.

    3.Late game: Here you must have 7 or 8 resources. By now you probably were able to do about 10 damage to the opposing hero with you early minions. Now you wanna play boomerang, empty your hand and nuke the board with overwhelm. Keep spamming stealth with the help of fonts and child until the opponent goes to 0. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ATTACK OPPOSING ALLIES. Just go faceœŒ️

    Let me know if this is the greatest deck in the history of forever. Keep memeing.
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    Looks weird but fun, I'll give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Why do you have to release this pain upon us?
    Why? :S

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    I guess Darkclaw works too


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