Here is some feedback on the new chat.
- It's great to finally have timestamps!
- The text is bigger than before and the font is meh. Could we please personalize that?
- Some non-English characters are stripped from the chat. When a French player talks to me in French, even if my game is set to English, I should be able to use any French character. Even more so when the game is available in said language. If this is for security reasons, there are other ways to ensure that no weird string is used.
- I don't care about competitive play but I have no way of muting that room; I don't want to get notified when there are new messages there. Can we please mute specific rooms?
- Within a game, a special "Game MP" tab appears when my opponent talks to me even if in the Options I have "In-game chat" disabled.

Also, I'm looking forwars to having my golden circle back around my hero's picture. :P