Hero: Moonstalker

Allies (23):
4x Bloodpack Shaman
4x Insolent Pup
4x Dread Wolf
4x Wulven Tinker
4x Lightning Hunter
2x Soothjaw
1x Dark Riding Hood

Abilities (4):
4x Blood Moon

Items (8):
2x Eye of the Dark Forest
4x Heavy Ballista
2x Packmaster's Pauldron

Locations (4):
4x The Wilds: Hall of Doors

An update on haste MS with the new cards.

Hall of Doors is the cheat code of the deck as most of your allies have on-summon ability or haste. You can take advantage of the on-summon ability or hitting with haste, and then seek another ally with Hall. It can even target Insolent Pup.

Packmaster's Pauldron is the finishing blow. You can trigger the buff by activating its ability or by hitting with your weapon, as the opponent will retaliate and Packmaster's Pauldron will lose durability and triggers the buff. Therefore, you can +3 attack to one ally (and +2 attack to other allies).