Hero: Ter Adun (40 cards)

Ally (8):
4x Spitfire Hound
4x Ravager Zealot

Ability (8):
4x Sacrificial Lamb
4x Melt Down

Item (23):
1x Bloodstone Altar
1x Obelisk of Echoes
2x Crown of Ages
4x Chaos Engine
3x Crypt Golem
4x Thriss Crucible
4x Transporting Golem
4x Clockwork Soldier

Deck Code: 794344B

Just a Ter deck to use the new cards.


1. Clockwork Soldier triggers Transporting Golem to draw Chaos Engine, Crypt Golem, Crown of Ages, Obelisk of Echoes and Bloodstone Altar

2. Clockwork Soldier and Thriss Crucible triggers Crypt Golem