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    Post 6 Campaign Spoilers

    We've been working on 26 new Campaign cards planned to be out around the end of December, and here are the first few teasers!
    You'll notice that these allies are multi-class. Just like weapons/armor, they can be used by either of the indicated hero classes.

    Pack Outcast
    Warrior/Wulven Ally - Wulven
    2/1/4 Claw
    While Pack Outcast is the only ally you control, it has Ambush and Defender. When Pack Outcast is targeted by an ability, it has +2 attack until the end of the turn.

    Keeper of the Mystic Flame
    Mage/Priest Ally
    4/2/6 Arcane
    When an opposing ally is targeted by an ability on your turn, its controller takes 1 fire damage. 0SE: If an opposing ally was targeted by an ability this turn, 2 used resources are renewed.

    Lightning Elemental
    Mage/Elemental Ally
    2/3/1 Electrical
    When Lightning Elemental is killed, the opposing ally with the lowest health takes X electrical damage, where X is the amount of shadow energy your hero has stored, to a maximum of 4.

    Slithering Viper
    Hunter/Rogue Ally - Wild
    4/2/3 Claw
    Stealth. When Slithering Viper enters play or when it is discarded from anywhere, the opposing ally with the highest attack is poisoned and disabled for 1 turn.

    Arcane Anomaly
    Priest/Elemental Ally
    3/2/4 Arcane
    When Arcane Anomaly is summoned, target opposing ally takes 1+X arcane damage, where X is the number of other cards you have summoned this turn.

    Crimsoneye the Deceiver
    Rogue/Wulven Ally - Wulven (Unique)
    5/2/7 Claw
    Ambush. 2: Until the end of your turn, when Crimsoneye deals combat damage to an opposing ally, that ally attacks another random opposing ally if able.

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    Well this is going to be awesome. Will there be more multi class cards coming in future expansions?
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