We're pleased to announce a new regular streaming schedule, starting Monday November 8th!

Be sure to tune in to the live stream on Twitch, or catch the recorded video later on YouTube or Facebook.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8-10pm EST
Hero Spotlights

Each day I will choose a different hero and progress through the campaign missions. A good showcase of how to play Shadow Era completely for free, and a great tutorial for new players! As the days go on and the account grows, we'll delve more into deck building and competitive play.

Tuesday, Thursday
8-10pm EST
Dev Days

Get a behind the scenes look at how Shadow Era is developed, how cards are tested and bugs are squashed. Also see new features in development and provide feedback to help shape the game!

Saturday, Sunday
3-5pm EST
Boss Battles

Get a chance to challenge the creator of the game and win great rewards! But beware, I certainly don't play fair!