Hi this is my first post. I have played a lot of shadow it was a long time ago, but I barely deigned to participate in the forum.
I have some interesting decks that I would like to share and that will help me improve them, if that is the case.
This is a Skervox deck, which is proving handy for me. I think it is quite functional and has a good strategy:



x4 Black Adder

x4 Venomflame Archer

x4 Eastroad Bandit

x3 Cobra Demon

x3 Krugal Butcher

x2 Vull the Insatiable


x4 Poison Arrow

x3 Bounty Hunter

x4 Surprise Attack

x2 Acid Jet


x2 Net Trap

x3 Ricochet Trap

x2 Soul Seeker

In principle, it is very practical to have trap cards with few resources. This means that sue can attack first, by turn four, it is very likely that the Eastord Bandit, or Bounty Hunter has left. This deck is practical, since you don't have to spend many cards on resources, making the most of all the cards in it. The cherry on the cake, it is Vull the Insatiable, the poison will affect cards that reduce damage by 1.