I backed the Kickstarters for both sets of physicals cards way back when and now wish to part with them.

I have for sale:
  • Full set of the original Call of the Crystals physical cards (not every card is regular, the set is completed by a handful of foils)
  • At least one of each foil card printed for the base game
  • A near complete set of Prophecies cards with a small handful of foils
  • Duplicates of several cards from both sets

None of the cards have been played and they are all in mint condition and have been sitting in binder card sleeves since I got them.

I used this: http://www.shadowera.com/showthread....Physical-Cards to determine pricing for each base game card with a handful of adjustments to foil prices, but I'm willing to negotiate on price. I will sell foils separately from base cards but I'd prefer to not sell singles. US buyers preferred, but will ship overseas, just will have to ask more for shipping is all.

Below is a Google Sheets based off Caitlyn's prices for the cards I own for CotC:

Dark Prophecies includes 5 foils. List of cards and quantities are in this Google Doc:

There are enough copies of almost every card in both sets to make viable decks!

Reply here or PM me with questions/offers.