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    Test Server Priest Decklists

    Post your deck theorycraft or actual tested decks in this thread from test server. Please include test server version as well and your thoughts about the deck: idea behind it and expected strength of the deck.
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    Zhanna Mist

    Allies: 19
    Golem Engineer 4
    Aldmor Scout 2
    Ipshtuer Leander 4
    Aldmor Scavenger 2
    Aldmor Chieftan 3
    Aldreides the Aged 2
    Ancient of Aldmor 1
    Kion 1

    Items: 32
    The Last Harvest 1
    Scrap Cannoneer 4
    Scrapyard Recycler 4
    Reinforcer 4
    Transporting Golem 4
    Augmenting Golem 4
    Mending Golem 2
    Unstable Gateway 3
    Clockwork Soldier 2
    Disruptor field 1
    Rejuvenation Pod 1
    Shard of Ithrund 1
    Aldmor Conflux 1

    Abilities: 9
    Focused Prayer 3
    Widespread Decay 2
    Tidal Wave 4

    Total 60

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    Theory craft

    The counts have not been tested, but the synergy between tidal wave and transformers are so good on paper.

    Also want to test out the combo between Widespread Decay/transformers/Unstable Gateway.

    Golem Engineer and Ipshtuer Leander seem to be very strong.

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    Twilight Zhanna. This list is pretty suboptimal, just testing hall of doors. The downside is the ally doesn't go into the graveyard, and it is really slow so it doesn't help Twilight's early game which is their hardest part. That said, shuffling Demetreyo in for a luminary is really good. Overall, potential is here but nothing OP so far

    Hero: Zhanna Mist (54 cards)

    Ally (32):
    3x Twilight Herald
    4x Twilight Opportunist
    2x Twilight Lifebringer
    4x Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist
    4x Twilight Ritualist
    4x Twilight Warden
    4x Twilight Luminary
    2x Braxnorian Soldier
    1x Kallista, Twilight Matriarch
    4x Avatar of Twilight

    Ability (7):
    3x Focused Prayer
    4x Tidal Wave

    Item (10):
    4x Twilight Eidolon
    4x Scriptures of the Departed
    2x Unstable Gateway

    Location (4):
    4x The Wilds: Hall of Doors

    Deck Code: 1063269B
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    semi solo Threbin + resource destruction
    Addition of RED made this deck more consistent. Plague destroys certain archetypes just like Badruu and old Wulven tactician did, but probably even worse because priest have tw.


    Hero: Threbin the Righteous (40 cards)

    Ally (10):
    4x Devoted Knight
    3x Elizabeth Winterborn
    3x Justicar Alysia

    Ability (11):
    1x Forgiveness
    2x Focused Prayer
    4x Plague
    4x Tidal Wave

    Item (18):
    4x Scriptures of the Righteous
    4x Ruby Embellished Dagger
    3x Cobraskin Wraps
    3x Rod of Smiting
    4x Madelain's Scepter

    Deck Code: 504839B
    IGN: Kyltz


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