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    Lost Lands Celebration Giveaway (August 2021)

    To celebrate the release of the final part of Lost Lands onto the Test Server tomorrow, and help as many people as possible to enjoy the set in its entirety when it goes live, I have decided to launch a giveaway of Shadow Crystals throughout August.

    Hereís how it will work:
    - the maximum total SC I can transfer across one or more accounts per day is 2000 so each day will always be capped at that.
    - all SC will be sent via Support Request email.
    - to receive the Shadow Crystals, you will need to take part in the quest specified in this thread for that day. If there are more SC to give than the 2000 max, they will be sent the following day.

    I reserve the right to cancel this at any time if it is found to be breaching some rules Iím not aware of. (I did not know about the 2000 max the last time I did something like this!)


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