Can someone share some tips how to deal with him?

The way I see him now he's basically mutated into a Gwen(obvious but mostly because his weapons now deal 2 dmg and 4 on ability, back in the past where WBT was his main tool it was more forgiving because it was only 6 dmg per ulti while gwen used to do 8 but no ambush) +Vess(because of the location)+Aramia(because of the seek mechanic)+Ythan(because of machete) Hybrid and much harder than all of those heroes.

His draw cannot be stopped as he could always seek confluence of fate and with the location cast it for 1cc, his sledgehammer cannot be destroyed unless durability runs out and now he simply casts a 3cc ally and poof an extra 2 additional durability plus a free card when it dies. Also he just mass disable all your allies with free captured preys that cost him nothing and further gives him cards. And after all his prophets and tinkers die he could always recourse them back with shaman.

Thank you.