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    Lightbulb Shadow Era World Championship history

    Hello to every player still active in Shadow Era.

    I realized an excel spreadsheet trying to summarize all the world championships of the game we love, not only as links to posts, but also with tables of finalists, decklists and videos.
    Why in a spreadsheet ? My intent was to see the partecipation of players, guilds and heroes in WC finals.
    So feel free to ask permission to modify and integrate this, if you know any valuable information to be added.

    Inspiration to do this work came after playing in "Off the grid tournament" and doing in chat some trivia to see which player was more constant in WC finals. Some attempt to put all this together was done before, but was largely incomplete.
    Credits go to Shadow Dragons Zorn that started this on forums, official one and his guild one, to my own guild 1lluminati in 7enebris that tracked some other info in italian, to Gondorian, Jon Maciel, InsanoMango, Meeklosh, Alzorath and many others that realized the videos and were sometimes TO's of the event. The work will be continued on the file. I hope it will be useful, not only for trivia.
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    Hmmm I’d be glad to help but not sure what to offer ��
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