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    Bug in Meltdown?

    Doesn't appear to be a true draft like it was when it was pay to play. It appears you can keep picking drafts and cancel and re draft until you can get the cards you are searching for. Was the style changed or is this a bug?

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    I think they made it that you could exit due to the fact that it is generally harder to find a match in Meltdown. This way you can exit if it's taking too long.

    Also probably to just try and attract more people to MD. Not sure though, I rarely play MD myself.
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    Bug in Meltdown?

    Even when it was pay to play, the reroll ďbugĒ or function already existed. Existed since md was created.

    To clarify, for example, if you choose 4 cotc packs and you donít like the cards, you press cancel and can choose packs again BUT if you choose 4 cotc packs again, you WILL get the same cards.

    If you selected 3 cotc packs and 1 dp pack, Yes, the cards from the 3 cotc packs will be different from the ones when you selected the 4 cotc config earlier.

    (If you donít like the cards in the 3 cotc, 1 dp config and you exit and re-chose the same 3 cotc, 1 do config, you WILL get back the same cards)

    No disrespect here but every player has the equal opportunity to reroll or reselect the 4 pack config.

    If you think that you can keep rerolling to get the ďbestĒ cards and be the MD champ, I can let you know that it wonít happen.

    I have been the md champ for the last 7 weeks and I have beaten players with great cards even when my cards suck. Having good cards doesnít guarantee a victory.

    Your deck building skills, actual gameplay skills, knowing what to sac, how much to sac, are still critical if you want to win consistently. I can honestly inform you that I do not reroll much. I have (blind) confidence in my skill.

    The playing field must be equal.

    Rerolling is not a ďbadĒ thing IF every md player knows about it and I very often share about how to do rerolling with new MD players who play hopelessly useless cards during games.

    I do not see rerolling as a problem. (If every MD player knows about it)

    In fact, itís a good thing. Sometimes, you can get to use some insane fun combos when you reroll.

    Thatís what MD is. Crazy wild fun. If you want to win because you believe that you are smarter, donít play MD, play (boring) rated games and get the highest Best Score.

    No disrespect again, If you are new to MD and keep losing, donít blame the reroll ďbugĒ, you just need to get better. Get your SE basics right and play with smaller decks < 33 cards.


    What if rerolling was removed?

    My take: MD is already boring and stale for many players, no LL cards, meh prizes, etc. MD participation is really low.

    If rerolling is removed, I probably wonít play MD anymore. I am sure many MD regulars feel the same.

    I will be forced to choose 2 cotc 2 Sf packs each time. Or maybe 3 Cotc and 1 SF. Iíll never get a chance to try Dp cards.

    In short, imho, donít remove rerolling. Instead, let every new (and old) players know that rerolling is a legit strategy and function.

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