Hero: Aramia (40 cards)

Ally (29):
4x Twilight Herald
4x Twilight Opportunist
4x Twilight Lifebringer
4x Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist
4x Twilight Ritualist
4x Twilight Champion
4x Twilight Luminary
1x Kallista, Twilight Matriarch

Item (6):
2x Twilight Eidolon
1x Ritualist's Headdress
1x Leash of Life
1x Stun Turret
1x Pathfinder's Machete

Location (4):
4x Lorhon: Twilight Encampment

Deck Code: 881989B

My take on the good old Twiramia. Itís probably not similar to the conventional build where you have 4 Eidolon. My version is more aggro based and rely on the seek function a lot.

The main seek engine (not draw engine) is Luminary + location. You can seek a Herald/Opportunist with Luminary first, play and use its ability and sac it with location for another ally. Note that the location can be activated when you have 0 SE.

Aramia ability is mainly for digging out the tech cards. The 5 items can be used at different situations in response to your opponent play. Generally I only activate Aramia ability once per game and the remaining SE goes to Luminary/location.

The advantage of having a seek-based deck is tempo. You can spend every resources each turn on playing allies and use SE to seek further allies/tech cards.

The deck performs pretty well when going first or facing a slower deck. Itís probably not as completive as the Irum build but still a very decent deck to play.