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    Phaedon Barbarian + Dagger of Fate

    Hi someone can explain me how exactly working
    Phaedon Barbarian.

    Because I have that card in my grawyard and I kill creature by my hero useing Dagger of Fate and Barbarian don't come to play form my grawyard.
    If Barbarian don't work like that so how he work and when he back to play ?
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    Readied means that ally can attack and use its abilities and works only while the ally is in play. So for example, unless ally has haste, it can't attack on the turn you summon it, but with Barbarian, if you summon it and kill an ally with your hero, Barbarian can attack. Another use, that makes readied different from haste is that you can attack with same ally multiple times per turn. So after you attack with Barbarian, he gets exhausted. Then you kill an ally and Barbarian is readied which means he can attack again on that same turn.

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