Aramia is a hero that can pull any 3cc or lower item from the deck for 4SE. This allows Aramia to be a very versatile hero, but also one that sometimes struggles to build a heavy board because she has to run a lot of items over allies. This deck aims to address that weakness by making items into allies! This is not a new idea, but it has gotten easier lately with the creation of cards like Engineer's Harness, and will be receiving support from Lost Lands Part III when that comes out.

Hero: Aramia (46 cards)

Ally (14):
4x Aldmor Interceptor
4x Darklight Apprentice
4x Aldmor Artisan
2x Lilyt of Orem

Ability (8):
4x Suspended Animation
4x Shadowbolt

Item (19):
1x The Last Harvest
1x Leash of Life
4x Living Ice Wall
3x Engineer's Harness
2x Wand of Izikus
4x Amulet of Conjuring
3x Aldmor Accelerator
1x Clockwork Soldier

Location (4):
4x The Wilds: Trading Port

Deck Code: 1254046B

Gameplan: This deck plays the 2cc Aldmor allies for some control in the early game, and late game shadow energy generation (shadow energy is very crucial in this deck). The idea is to stall a bit in the beginning while waiting for your shadow energy to grow, and set up some items in the backrow such as Living Ice Wall or some of the 4cc artifacts (the location helps spam these out). You generally don't want to make these items into allies unless you have an Engineer's Harness out, and harness is usually the best way to use Aramia's ability because you have many ways to make items into allies, but Harness is the only easy way to buff them. To complete the combo, cards like Suspended Animation can freeze the opponent's board as you summon a bunch of strong allies to your side of the field while also protecting them for a turn.

How competitive is this deck? This deck would not make a tier list, and I wouldn't recommend bringing it to a competitive scene. That said, it is surprisingly close to tier 3, which I define as a deck that can compete against top tier decks in the right match-up/situation.