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    [RS Seadog] Portal Undead Majiya/Raikka

    Just a slight update from the old Portal Undead Majiya. The idea can work quite well in the hands of Raikka too.

    Hero: Majiya/Raikka (40 cards)

    Ally (17):
    4x Popsickle
    4x Death Mage Thaddeus
    4x Death Collector
    1x Der'kan, the Bone King
    4x Shadow Knight

    Ability (7):
    4x Portal
    2x Supernova
    1x Ley Line Nexus

    Item (12):
    4x Necromancer's Shroud
    4x Pathfinder's Machete
    4x Amulet of Conjuring

    Location (4):
    4x Kiruth: Thaddeus' Vault

    Machete and Amulet is a new addition to the archetype. The idea is borrowed from Irum Loest where you can draw a lot of cards through Amulet and renew resources with location.

    Machete forms a good combo with Shroud where you can get your undead allies stick after the revival, same to undead Baduruu.

    Shadow Knight, Portal and Kiruth were the main combo pieces. Quite often you can go for face a few turns ahead from lethal.

    Cryptspawn Tormentor is not used as I think it's not necessary. Forgotten Horror can be considered but the cost is too high that doesn't work well with Amulet.

    Both Majiya and Raikka work on the same decklist. Majiya is generally more versatile whilst Raikka is more aggro-ish. Portal and Kiruth has a decent interaction with Raikka ability as they can haste in a brunch of damages. Popsickle and DMT are very also good with Raikka as the damage outputs are insane.

    The deck is about a solid Tier 3 deck, whilst some of my testing suggests that it could be a bit higher.

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    This looks so cool. Love it.
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