This is my twilight deck. Ive seen many different deck ideas for twilight. But this one has been very successful. Ive beaten some tough opponents with this deck. Id say its aggro control as fuck. The idea behind this deck is win conditions. Twilight warden, Demetreyo, Avatar of Twilight, Nathanias, Inspiring fellowship, are all win conditions. Weevil tip is there because i always just end up sacking ley line anyways and i like the extra dmg i could use with it. You can add this and a ley line or two weevil or two ley lines if you prefer and still be at 40 cards.. this deck can go the distance but usually turn 6-8 its over. No aldon cause id rather have two SOC which only costs 1 resource. this tech has tempo the hole time. Thats bassically the idea. Tempo. it plays fast. also the artifacts bassically keep your allies safe and on the board. And draw is amazing. it doesnt really need draw most of the time. it can function without u getting any draw or minimal. You have general to seek out draw, SOC, or Inspiring fellowship. Use ythans ability to control the board. Not massive kill swings. Keep the board then when you have it won double strike. I find even going second i can get the board back. The traps help keep your allies alive and draw. Use aggression to keep the board. Ritualist is amazing in this deck. She can get ride of allies and draw engines. and throw an attachment then shes a target. Nathanias as a backup fatty and slight draw. One viska cause demtreyo puts in work. I usually find avatar of twilight doesnt usually win the match. mainly helps me take back the board or secure it. You get one ally on the board who sticks and this deck lets them put in work. There are no throwaway cards. Every card you will use in this deck. you can reconfigure it with other cards but its petty decent. let me know what you think

40 Cards

Ythan Redhorn


Twilight Opportunist x4
Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist x4
Twilight Ritualist x4
Twilight Warden x4
Twilight Champion x3
General of Unaxio x2
Viska, The Scarlet Blade x1
Avatar of Twilight x2
Nathanias, People's Champion x1


Strength of Conviction x2
Spirit of Devotion x4
Inspiring Fellowship x1


Decoy Trap x2
Twilight Eidolon x4


Weevil-tipped Crossbow x1